read a little about each of my pieces:

Incorporated mvt. 1 mvt. 2, score of mvt. 3– three movement symphony for voice, viola, ukulele, clarinet, trumpet trombone, and percussion. 2018

String Quartet, score 2018

“The Path to Han Shan’s House,” score for soprano and piano, words by Han Shan trans. Gary Snyder 2018

Lucky Sticks, score, for flute, clarinet, violin, and cello. Contrafact of Led Zeppelin’s “Four Sticks” and Radiohead’s “Lucky” 2018

“Brooksley Born” for soprano and piano, words by Felix Ling 2017

Molitva for soprano and piano, words by Daniil Kharms trans. Felix Ling 2016
arr. soprano and viola, 2016, soprano and accordion 2018, soprano, viola, and cello 2018

arrangement of Contra theme for string quartet 2015

Cat Cat, score, string quartet combing arrangement of Nyan Cat with a B section by me. 2014

Score 0 for pianist giving a talk 2014

Melanin Girl, score, for large mixed chorus 2014

19 Questions, score based on interview with John Cage

Fatar Studio, improvisation on keyboard 2011

Six: five variations on a minor sixth for piano 2003 recording score