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Drawing by Trogdor

most recent work at Texas State University

Here is my blog.

Here are two readings of my string quartet, CatCat, which is an arrangement of Nyan Cat. Here is the score before the reading, and here it is after I revised it. Thanks Nick, Rachel, Greg, and Alan of the Aeolus quartet for your wonderful advice and love.

I composed Melanin Girl with the help of Michael Ippolito at Texas State. It was conducted by Matthew Oltman and sung by the Texas State University Singers. I wrote the poem in 2004. The score is here.

2011-2014 Austin and San Antonio
- classical in just intonation

I taught at Willie Mae Rock Camp for girls and wrote a really quick song!

I started this string quartet in college but it belongs here with more back to basics music. Here's the second theme and the first theme.

I sang in a choir in San Antonio and my goal was to write a piece to listen to in the car on the way down from Austin. My goal was to write a 90 minute piece in 90 minutes. I wrote this 45 minute piece in about 3 hours. Here's the score.

Here's one that's around 6 minutes that I composed in about 90 minutes. Here's the score.

What did I learn? That to compose a piece in 90 minutes that's 90 minutes long is to improvise at the keyboard. 

2005-2011 Los Angeles and New York - text/ theater

Owen and Luna are two characters in a libretto I wrote with Ellen Burr. We mailed the work back and forth each Thursday. Luna meets Owen on a crosscountry road trip with her parents. They land in New York. Owen dances.

I had just moved to LA when I wrote this duet for trumpet and soprano. It's on a poem by Robert Hass and here is the score on my wall!

2000-2005 Moscow and San Francisco Bay Area - "avant garde"

Hymno I wrote this with protools and this painting by Anton Ciurlionis, Lithuanian composer turned painter.

This piece was played on the radio show, Scordatura, out of Rice University in Houston, 91.7 KTRU

Six piano variations, after Sven Ingo-Koch told me if music is a butterfly most composers like to do something nice to the butterfly, he likes to explode the butterly! This is me playing the piano. I also played this piece for Yvonne Wu, who said, "why are there three staves and one is empty?" "One for God," I said, without knowing why. Here is that score.