Website, Adrian Coburn


I compose music. This website exists to share that music with you.

I was born in Center Sandwich, New Hampshire, in 1982. I attend Texas State University as a masters student in music composition. I also went to Pasadena City College and Stanford University.

I am grateful for my many amazing teachers who have helped me find my voice and stand up for myself:
Alma Kunanbaeva, Jonathan Berger, Jennifer Lane, Mark Applebaum, Anne Marie Ketchum, Nico Schuler, Patricia, Sissy, and Paula.

I gratefully acknowledge the many colleagues who have supported and nurtured me: Carolyn Chen, Christopher Benson, Ellen Burr, Aaron Finbloom, Melanie Elliot... and all of you who let me sleep on your livingroom floor or sat and talked with me.

Thanks for those who have offered support by being their rad selves: Panda Rat, Dustin Boyer, Felix Ling, mom and dad, Trogdor, and of course God, who walks beside me all the time, except when she's carrying me.

And I thank you! I couldn't do this without your presence and your curiosity.

photo from Poto Festival